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Product Warranty Terms & Conditions

MINOX products come with a one-year product warranty.
The one-year warranty service must be completed within 7 days from the date of purchase, and the fuselage number confirmed by the company is a valid fuselage number .
Please keep a valid purchase receipt. During the warranty period, the purchase receipt must be presented and the fuselage number must be confirmed by the company's email as a valid fuselage number .
(The product warranty is provided by MINOX directly or the pre-warranty inspection and warranty arrangements are arranged by a designated effective authorized agent).
  1. Acceptance of warranty arrangements must be checked by an authorized MINOX agent or by MINOX maintenance personnel.
  2. The product warranty is limited to damage caused by the manufacturing process or defective mechanical parts during the warranty period.
  3. The external barrel, lens glass is scratched or broken or broken, and any damage to all related accessories is not covered by the warranty and no warranty service is provided.
  4. A valid original purchase receipt must be presented. If not, the company reserves the right to refuse to provide any warranty and warranty services.
  5. Online warranty registration must be completed or a completed warranty card must be returned.
  6. No warranty service is provided in the following cases:
  • Scratched or broken or cracked outer barrel, lens glass and damage to all related accessories Improper use, knocking, impact or man-made damage.
  • Repairs by yourself or by persons not authorized by MINOX
  • The fuselage number is erased or the fuselage number cannot be completely and clearly displayed
  • Unable to provide a valid original purchase receipt/receipt
  • Products not sold by the company or not designated retail stores of the company or parallel imported goods

After completing the warranty registration through this website, the company will immediately reply to you to notify you that the warranty registration has been completed. The fuselage number will be confirmed by the company again, and the warranty will be notified by email within about three working days. (The email may arrive at your SPAM MAIL, please check it yourself).

The warranty for this product is provided directly by MINOX, or pre-warranty inspection by an authorized agent designated by MINOX to determine whether to accept the warranty and warranty arrangements.

The company or MINOX company reserves the right to modify, change or delete all warranty terms. Such as the modification or change of the warranty terms or deletion or addition of new terms, etc., without prior notice.

In case of any disputes, the company or MINOX has the final decision.