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  • Nature Is Belong To You


Nature Is Belong To You MINOX

Cooperation and Sponosrship

HK MTR Station & HK Bird Watching Society Member Bulletin

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Minox X-active 10x44

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Minox X-lite Series
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Compact Monocular with Compass

Minox MD 7x42C
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Discover your world of beauty and color with the MINOX telescope

Observation, field viewing, reconnaissance, inspection, target tracking, bird watching binoculars - Minox is always the best tool by your side, with 8x or 10x binoculars, and no longer has distance boundaries.

Looking around for beautiful nature MINOX telescope

Distant scenery, suburban appreciation, your best partner Minox binoculars accompany you to find a beautiful and moving time, it is close at hand.

The most reliable observer MINOX telescope

When every detail matters, the most reliable all-rounder is your Minox telescope. Some scenery can only be seen from a distance, Minox breaks the distance limit.