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German MINOX brand introduction

German MINOX brand introduction

MINOX is the inventor of the famous German 8x11mm spy camera. MINOX cameras have since become one of the world's most famous brands . MINOX founder Walter Zapp, in 1938 Zapp completed the prototype MINOX camera Ur-Minox camera design. In 1948, he returned to WETZLAR, Germany, and founded MINOX, producing MINOX miniature cameras.

Walter Zapp

In 1938, 100 years after the invention of photography, the first ultra-compact camera, the Ur-Minox, was launched. It was smaller than a cigar, weighed less than a lighter, and had top-of-the-line optical lenses to provide people with An important tool for reprinting documentation and street sketch photography, it immediately attracted the attention of intelligence agencies after it was officially marketed around the world. As a result, the Minox will become the world's most famous ultra-miniature spy camera.

At the 1974 Cologne photo exhibition, the 35mm camera-35EL was introduced. It was the size of a cigarette box and had an aperture-priority function; the lens could be zoomed out.  Inside the fuselage, the four-piece Tessar lens structure shows excellent creative design and manufacturing capabilities. The Minox 35 series camera is also a must-have body camera for top photographers, because it can produce photos that meet the stringent requirements of these top photographers.

2007 classic mini mini digital camera, based on the Leica M3 . Create a mini classic and digital technology replica camera.

After Minox made a breakthrough in photographic optics technology, it began to develop sports optics products, bringing the photographic optics technology of Jing Hom over the years to sports optics products including binoculars and monoculars. Over the past 20 years, we have fully invested in the research and development of different types of telescopes, including professional, portable, mini, etc., and there are also top ridge types.    (Roof) and Porro (Porro), develop, design and manufacture more diversified and different types of telescopes.

Minox telescopes have developed high-end "M* Coating"/"MINOTEC" professional coating and APO technology in the lens coating technology, which corrects dispersion and chromatic aberration, enhances the transmittance, and makes the scene more layered and more three-dimensional. . In addition, the fast focusing system developed by Minox can focus the observation target in a very fast time. The fast focusing system has a distance target scale at the same time. Strong and lightweight magnesium or aluminum alloy is used inside the barrel to protect the internal optical system. The cylinder body is made of the lightest material such as polycarbonate to make the cylinder body non-slip. Protect the body inside and out. Minox engineers are people-oriented, in line with ergonomic concepts, and the design is based on light weight. Engineers understand that if used for a long time, the weight of the barrel is definitely one of the important factors. It is not only sturdy, but also can reduce the overall weight to Lightest. The ergonomically designed double-bridge hollow design allows users to hold and control it with one hand. The moisture-proof and anti-fog system of the telescope is filled with nitrogen under internal pressure. Minox has developed a series of marine telescopes with built-in telescopic lenses such as digital compass (compass), altimeter, thermometer, barometer and data memory, integrating digital technology into optical products. And binoculars and monoculars with built-in analog compass (compass).

The latest X series in 2020, including X-range, X-HD, X-active, X-lite, X-RAPID , a total of 5 different series. Combined with the latest design of German superior optical technology, Minox products not only exert their optical products to the extreme in the same field. This is the philosophy of Minox :- "GREAT PRICE , GREAT PERFORMANCE"

Over the years, Minox products have won a number of international awards and the highest rated and best performing brands in international professional authoritative magazine reports.